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Pound It Out

  • 11-26-2018 |
  • 3192
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Video Description: Curvy, brunette Sovereign Syre is convinced that her gorgeous girlfriend, Kendra Spade, is cheating on her. When Kendra tells Sovereign that they need to expand their horizons, Sovereign takes matters into her own hands, deciding her girlfriend needs to be reminded of how hot their sex life can be... Sovereign begins making out with Kendra and it quickly turns into hot pussy eating action. Both ladies are wet and horny, and Kendra is primed for some hardcore strap-on sex. Sovereign goes to work pounding Kendra's wet holes, bringing her to multiple orgasms. Kendra cannot believe how good it feels, and moans and writhes about, demonstrating her extreme pleasure. Sovereign has proven her point, and Kendra will not be needing outside stimulation any time soon!
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Kind of a harsh ending by standards of the genre. Luckily they're so darn hot its hard to care!
2019-01-31 01:19
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